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Hey there, the name's Brandon! I'm a digital artist who loves dinosaurs, cartoons, animation, and a variety of other things. My art is mostly digital, with a pinch of some traditional art here and there along with making animations and comics. I'm cool with talking to people, so shoot me a message if you'd like.

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Here’s a layout that I finished based off of a dream I had once. I did the pencil sketch last year for a thing and forgot about it… until I decided to ink and color it for fun! I made a process gif so you can see the way I color/work for once??? 

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Limited time Jurassic Park steel box! I got it for about $13 at Wal-mart. It was the last one and it’s so pretty! Cute trex in a pumpkin sweater at the end of the video :3

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With Pleasure


With Pleasure

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The Croods - Chris Sanders

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Doodle from break last night.

Doodle from break last night.

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New pictures of upcoming Asterix CG animated feature film “Le Domaine des Dieux”, directed by Louis Clichy (who worked for Pixar) and Alexandre Astier (Kaamelott)

Whaddaya know… first the CGI Popeye test comes out, and now I see stills from the new CGI Asterix movie!

What a wonderful day for animation.

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First look of Popeye/ CG animation test 

The animation starts at 2:00. The opening is pretty interesting to listen to as well.

The movements. Sooooo cartoony!! Whoever rigged those characters knows magic or something.

Well that blew away MY expectations… wonderful stuff! Now I REALLY can’t wait for the movie!

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💚🐑🐑🐑🐴 #iceland #awesome (в Snæfellsnes)


💚🐑🐑🐑🐴 #iceland #awesome (в Snæfellsnes)

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I…wasnt planing this but i found her at a very low price and i could not resist get her!!!

The only human figure from Silent Hill. I am glad they decided to make her since shes the most disctintive character from the old games and stands out as a very likeable woman in videogames (i wish they did Henrry Townshend too since i found him much more sexy than Heather but i doubt they touch Silent Hill 4 ever again)

I was doubtfull about her at first but Gecco did a great job. Shin Tanabe is the sculptor and gives her pretty close to the original character while giving her stylish details to make her stand out as a statue as well. The color is pretty impresive since the skin tone is pretty realistic and repruduce the freckles she have on the game.

I really dont like female figures at all but this is one of the very few exceptions.

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