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Hey there, the name's Brandon! I'm a digital artist who loves dinosaurs, cartoons, animation, and a variety of other things. My art is mostly digital, with a pinch of some traditional art here and there along with making animations and comics. I'm cool with talking to people, so shoot me a message if you'd like.

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This is a random little animation I forgot I did.

I made this as part of a project from my Acoustics class back in college.

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SUGAR - Claude concept art

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Can’t stop won’t stop

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To everyone that reads my webcomic: I’m not going to be making updates as one or two pages anymore. I’m going to finish an entire episode before submitting updates from now on (which is what I should’ve done from the start).


I’ll also post some full pages here with links for people who haven’t seen it yet, if they’d be interested.

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I would die and do the dishes

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Tall Friends… ♥ Birthday gift for my best friend. :}

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to fight monsters we created monsters of our own.

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Word Balloon tips and tricks

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lego movie doodle madness vol.1

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Avengers Fan Posters by Jonathan Mahoney

So unbelievably good.

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Progress of “Horror Movie Night” picture.